1. Initial Appointment
    • We meet with the homeowner, tour the home, establish the list price, explain the process and answer any questions. We complete paperwork and install lockbox.
  2. Staging consultation
    • Staging professional tours the home with client and gives them direction for how to get the home ready for market
  3. Pre-Inspection
    • Inspector completes a full inspection so issues can be found and fixed before going to market. Prevents many costly repair demands from buyer.
  4. Professional Photography
    • Our photographer comes and does a photo shoot on the property.
  5. Preparing marketing materials
    • Once we receive the photos after editing, our team goes to work uploading them to websites and creating print marketing materials.
  6. Active Listing
    • The listing goes active on the market and showings begin.
  7. Negotiate Offers
    • We negotiate the best possible price and terms for our seller.
  8. Inspection
    • The buyer may or may not have an inspection. If they do, we negotiate the best possible terms for our seller.
  9. Appraisal
    • The buyer’s lender will send an appraiser to verify that the home is worth what the buyer has agreed to pay for it.
  10. Closing
    • We meet at the title company to sign all the final documents and the buyer typically takes possession of the home afterward.
With an average of 29 days on market, we’ll sell your home fast and at the right price.*

There is no guarantee The Todd Cook Team will sell your home within the stated DOM or at its original price.

Our home valuations include the most up-to-date market statistics made by real people, not machines. To get your home valuated, please fill out the form above.

It’s important to compare your home with other homes which are the same or very similar square footage. Square footage is the primary consideration. Secondly, compare with the same type of home. For example, if your home is a ranch, you will want to compare it with other ranches. Next Compare the updates. If your property has updated countertops, flooring, master bath and stainless appliances, then you will want to choose those which have similar features. There are finer adjustments for decks, outdoor improvements, number of bathrooms, basements and pools for example, which can be tricky and a large number of variables have to be taken into consideration.